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Twinkle,Twinkle, Z-Z-Zap!

This quilt is made from cotton, tissue lame and prismatic foil.  It is the traditional "Flower Ring" block design. REALLY!!  It's similar to "Double Wedding Ring" except the arcs are pieced in triangles and the intersections are star blocks instead of four squares.  Where did the name come from?   To me it looks like the star in the middle used to be like the other four stars but I got hit by a radioactive asteroid and now it sits there in space going "bzzt, bzzt, bzzt, etc."  It is machine pieced and machine quilted with monofilament, poly/cotton and Sliver thread.  The back is crazy-pieced with large pieces of satin and taffeta in colors that match the front.  It has a 6" wide sleeve for hanging.  This quilt is hand washable and is for sale. A written appraisal will accompany the purchase of this quilt..

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Pandora's Wishing Star
78 1/2"x69 1/2"

This quilt is made of velveteen, cotton and tricot lame.  The back is mauve taffeta.  The speckles around the lightest mauve star are beads and sequins.   There is a 6" wide sleeve for hanging this quilt.  A written appraisal will accompany the purchase of this quilt.

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