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Turee Uzette™ - Confetti Jacket

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The glitzy pieces of fabric in this jacket were leftovers from a quilt and a vest.  There are sequins by-the-yard from garage sale trims, brand-name labels with metallic thread (from garments, neckties and furs) and two antique cut glass buttons.   The mirror-looking pieces are junk compact disks, cut up in pieces and the jacket is closed with a large hook-and-eye from a garage sale fur.  At this time it is not for sale.

Wild Animal Vest

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This vest was designed as a background for embroidering the wild animal designs.  On the back, the scenery pieces were first fused in place.  Then theembroidered animals, satin-stitching and thread painting were done alternately as required.  The strips on the front were sewn to a fabric foundation and then the pattern pieces were cut from it.  This vest is not for sale.


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