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    Sue, as most of her friends call her, was born in a small town in northwest Ohio and raised in the country near by.    Her mother taught her to sew on a treadle machine at the age of nine.   She later made her wedding gown on this machine.   Much of her early sewing was done on Barbie doll clothes.  She sewed in Home Economics class in junior high and high school.  Her first paid sewing job came as a freshman in high school when she made a majorette costume for a high school friend.  She was in 4-H for 8 years, winning many first place ribbons.

     After high school, she married Merlyn and moved to Illinois, then to Indiana, where they now live.   They have been married nearly 34 years and have 3 children and 10 grandchildren.   Sue continued sewing various projects for other people.   In 1979 she finally opened her own in-home, custom sewing business called Cloud Nine Enterprises, making everything from custom wedding attire for the entire bridal party to formals, costumes and lingerie.

Sue entered her work in open competition at the county fair in eight of the years from 1980 through 1990 (adding the state fair, also, in 1990), winning many awards.

As the children married and left home, her work began to change.  In 1988 she started quilting on her sewing machine.  With Sue's experience in custom garments, and now quilting, it was only logical that the two fields should overlap and produce beautiful, wearable art.  Most of Sue's work now consists of commissioned quilts, art quilts and wearable art, which often involves a lot of detail work, embellishment and glitz.   Sue is a perfectionist in her work and gets great satisfaction in tackling a difficult job and doing it well.  Most of her work is very non-traditional in style and often incorporates satins, taffetas, brocades, velvets and metallics (including prismatic foil).

During the last few months, some of her work has taken on a recycling theme.  She has been visiting yard and rummage-type sales, collecting real fur coats, fancy buttons, glitzy jewelry, clothing made of fancy fabrics, garment labels, men's neckties, wool clothing and any other found items that might be used for embellishment.  These are washed or cleaned, cut apart and used to create beautiful art quilts and art garments that are environmentally friendly to land fills and fur-bearing animals.  Each item bears a label verifying that it is an original "Turee Uzette™" from Cloud Nine by Sue Faber.  Turee Uzette™ is a play on the words "to reuse it."  Those items that are for sale will also carry a hang tag explaining the concept, what parts of the garment are recycled (and possibly their origin) and how to care for the garment.

Sue has 42 years of sewing experience and has been teaching sewing and quilting at the local level for a number of years and occasionally gives talks, trunk shows and workshops for organizations.  She has taped two half-hour programs about her quilting for local public television.  If you wish to contact Sue to commission a quilt, a wearable or for any other reason, you may reach her in one of the following ways:
ADDRESS:   515 213th Street, Dyer, Indiana  46311
PHONE:   219-865-6530

Entering contests is one of Sue's passions.  She says, "It causes you to stretch your abilities, makes you do your best work and forces you to get the job finished."    She has been entering her quilts (and a few garments) nationally since1990, with some degree of success. A list of her accomplishments follows.


Winning quilt from Houston Festival exhibited at Quilt Expo VI in Innsbruck, Austria
NEW UPDATE.......First place - Wearable Art Competition - American Stitches Show, Villa Park, IL......SEPT. 18


First place - Professional pieced - Columbus Heritage Quilt Show
 Second place - Professional pieced wall quilt - Asheville (NC) Quilt Show
 Honorable mention - Professional mixed techniques - Asheville Quilt Show
 Merit Award - Successful blend of innovation and tradition - Asheville Show
 First place - Fairfield block contest
 Third place - Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza
 First place - Mixed techniques large - IQA Show, Houston Quilt Festival
 First place - Benartex Impressions Challenge - In travelling exhibit for 1 year


Runner-up - Fairfield block contest
 Runner-up - Pointillist Palette contest
 Grand Prize - Kaye Wood Starmaker Challenge


Third place - large wall quilt - Quilter's Unlimited Showcase
Third place garment - Columbus Heritage Quilt Show 
Grand Prize - Fairfield block contest


First place - Kansas City Star Contest - Quilter's Unlimited Showcase
First place - Wal-Mart block contest
First place - Fairfield block contest
First place - Great American Quilt Factory Challenge
Two quilts exhibited in England


Garment traveled in '93 - '94 Hoffman Challenge
Third place - small wall quilt - Quilter's Unlimited Showcase


First place overall - Quilt Expressions Contest
First Place Wal-Mart Block Contest
Third place garment - Better Homes and Gardens Crafts Club
Garment traveled in '92 - '93 Hoffman Challenge


First place - NQA Show - Machine applique wall quilt


Over 100 sewing/quilting awards (state/local)


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